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The ancient roads that withstood the change of history

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Every road leads to Rome

The Appian way is the first of a long series of Roman roads to follow. Its purpose was to connect the capital with Brindisi (Puglia), and every major city on the way, into the military supply chain. Nowadays it’s used in new, more pleasant ways such as a bike tour from Rome through the Appian Way southwards.

The entirety of the route is over 500kms and the journey on it demonstrates the heart of Italian countryside. Yet just the bike tour inside Rome’s Appian Way is eye-opening in its own right. The ancient cobblestone road stretches long inside modern Rome as a firm reminder of the passing of 2300 years. The sights are listed for bikers just as the old destinations of ancient Roman roads.  An imperial palace here, ruins of a circus there, Christian catacombs, statues and aqueducts exhibited along the way.

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The captivating natural scenery in the city remains

The road leads through Caffarella Park which preserved a strip of land with the same Roman milieu that inspired Goethe, Byron and Stendhal.  It is indeed an extraordinary bike tour inside Rome on the Appian Way. This road has withstood the change of epochs and stands still in time.
Cultural and artistic events frequently make their home along the Appian Way.

The Appian Way was begun as a military highway in 312 B.C. by the statesman Appius Claudius. Built southeastward to reach the port of Brundisium (Brindisi), situated in the “heel” of Italy and lying along the Adriatic Sea.

A modern-day bike tour of the Roman Appian Way might start at the end of the Forum, just beyond the Circus Maxentius where charioteers raced seven times around. Near here, weary travellers beheld Rome's golden milepost - where all roads led. 

You might even want to do your people-watching as the Romans do it — from the vantage point of an osteria, a roadside inn with a garden for dining one of the local speciality. The choices are numerous but the go-to is a roasted goat with white wine on the side.

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