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Napoli, home of pizza and loud culture

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Explore Naples on electric bikes!

The fame of Naples can only be compared to Rome’s, and so it’s bike tours. These organized, guided, and equipped bike tours in Naples come in many forms but one thing is common in them. Quality. Organized by Sharewood, and exercised by local bikers nothing can go wrong!

Naples lies in the south of Italy, and in fact, it is the de facto capital of it both culturally and historically. These can be observed all around town, but best on the bike. That is simply because of the combination of speed, and accessibility of these instruments.

Bikes give you enough time to look around on your way, and they reach places cars would pass. Given the size of the city, these tours are planned with electric bikes. Which is one part of the accessibility factor, the other is that these bikes are there, waiting for you!

bike tour naples


And the routes are

Local bike store owners provide the know-how, and the equipment for Sharewood tours, so you can come light. These tours diver in the destination but are equally pleasant. 
One electric bike tour around Naples takes you to castles along the coastline with a stop at the seaside a village and then heads to the bike path at the foot of the Posillipo hill.

long the way, you can admire the splendid panorama of the Gulf of Naples with Vesuvius and the islands on the horizon.

The other one takes a different path to the archaeological site "Pausilypon" of the 1st century BC. Archaeological area overlooking the sea, you can enjoy a spectacle of nature with the same breathtaking view on the Gulf of Naples.

The third bike tour route in Naples goes straight to the coastline and to the beautiful promenade to get to the Virgiliano park on the Posillipo hill. You will return to the historic centre via the former industrial area, the football stadium and the west of the city.

Choose any of these tours, and know that they are already at place, and the guides are waiting for your word. Find the on Sharewood!