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There are many places where you can go biking in this world, but some places are more stunning and adventurous than others. Lanzarote, an autonomous island that is part of the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean and administered by Spain, is one of those locations. It is made entirely out of volcanic rock, so the landscape is spectacular. Fierce volcanoes that spit molten lava for thousands of years in a row, gave birth to this beautiful island. Where you can find today the Timanfaya National Park of the Lanzarote Island, two massive volcanic eruptions took place in 1730 and 1736. But, don't worry, the volcanoes have been dormant ever since then, so there's nothing that can stop you from enjoying a bike tour in Lanzarote.

Ride the bike on trails created by lava

Our nature is capable of creating some of the most intriguing landscapes out there, with its movements and natural processes. If you come to Lanzarote, you will have the chance to enjoy spectacular views and ride the bike on trails that are mostly explored by goats. It will definitely be an experience that you won't forget, as there aren't too many volcanic islands out there. A bike tour in Lanzarote may be exactly what you need to escape routine and add a new experience to your lifeline. Here, you can bike for an entire day or just half a day, depending on your personal preferences. But, no matter what you will choose, having a great time on the island is guaranteed.

bike tour lanzarote


There's absolutely no need to carry a bike around

While most people come to Lanzarote to experience the island's unique bike trails, there is no need to carry any equipment along. You will be able to rent everything you need, whenever you need it, by simply accessing This extremely easy-to-use online platform is your marketplace when you need to rent sports gear. With the help of, you can find and compare bikes and protection equipment, together with the possibility of renting all the equipment you need by simply clicking on a few buttons. Thus, you don't have to carry around heavy equipment in order to enjoy the time of your life while visiting new and exciting destinations.

Bike tours for every level of skills

The best part about enjoying a bike tour in Lanzarote is that there are trails suitable for every level of experience. The bike trails here range between S0 and S4, which makes it easy to understand why so many people opt for this particular destination when it comes to trying new biking adventures. While volcanic landscape can be quite steep, you should not worry about it, as there are alternative paths if you want to avoid the difficult sections of your trail. The idea is to have fun and enjoy a pleasant time while biking in Lanzarote, not get sore muscles after such an experience. So, it is up to you when choosing the bike trails you want to discover, as each of them has something special to offer.