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Gorizia is a small, charming city right on the very border of Slovenia. Consequently, bike tours from Gorizia may lead to either of the two counties.
Due to the location in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, it forms a "bridge" between north and south and east and west - the north with Austria, Slovenia in the east, in the south with the Venice Bay and in the west by Veneto.

The Seaside stretches approx. 150 km long from the Tagliamento River to the Muggia Settlement, to the border with Slovenia. It is largely the area of the Gulf of Trieste, the easternmost part of the Italian Adriatic. In the western part of the bay, sandy beaches are slowly descending, surrounded by lagoon areas such as the Lagoon of Marano or the Laguna di Grado. Lignano Sabbiadoro is a renowned bathing location, while on the east is a tall, rocky coastline washed by the Adriatic Sea: the highlands of Trieste. All of these locations are accessible by bike.

bike tour gorizia


Gorizia a true Central European city

The name of Gorizia comes from the Slovenian "little mountain" - Gorica. The town lies at the crossroads of the Isonzo and Vipava valley, right at the Slovenian border. Nearby are the Collio hills, where wine and grape production has been going on for a long time.

The settlement existed in the prehistoric times, and much later, it used to be under the rule of the Habsburg Empire and Napoleon, then it was annexed by Italy in 1918. Bike tours in Gorizia usually visit the castle built in the Middle Ages, the chapel in honour of Saint Bartholomew, the baroque style cathedral and the Jesuit-built Saint Ignatius church - all offer alluring sights.

The city of Gorizia and the surrounding area is superb vacation site all year round, thanks to its mild climate, and friendly residents. Sharewood invites you to join us on a bike tour here, in Gorizia! To learn how and when click on any of these friendly green buttons.