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Are you in Forlì? Why not visit Bologna, Firenze and San Marino too?

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Sharewood invites you to the blazing hot Forlì!

The charming city of Forlì lies in the region of Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy.  The city is situated along the Via Emilia, to the right of the Montone river, and it hosts many of Italy's culturally and artistically significant landmarks; it is also notable as the birthplace of painters like Melozzo da Forlì. The city, the surrounding landscape and the climate make bike tours in Forlì so inviting. Not to mention the accessibility of local rent bikes.

There’s plenty noteworthy piazzas, churches, cool alley built in the regional style and scattered around town in Forlì which, in itself, is enough for part of the tourists arriving here. Yet, if you happen to have a bigger appetite for travelling, even when you arrived for your holiday, then you are in luck here.
Forlì, and consequently all bike tours starting from here are situated in a triangle of Firenze, Bologna, and San Marino, the sea is just the extra.

Incorporating these cities into your trip is easy like the breeze you yearn for on sweaty Italian summer night. Bikes may be rented in either of cities, or you may travel right away with your bike from Forlì.  The sight in-between cities are not something to be pushed aside either! The bike tour from Forlì leads through smaller villages, rolling hills and crisscrossing streams, begging for your attention.

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Bikers be aware!

Polenta is best cooked to friable and smooth in a kitchen. That is, planned. It would be awfully alarming if it were to reach this state of matter by a coincidence; which is not entirely impossible around Forlì.

In the summer heat, those shaded and somewhat still cool alleys might be the last refuge of bike tourists in Forlì. Or the sea. The words “humid” and “subtropical” only partially refer to the nightlife, and more so to the actual climate. As the temperature can reach to a whopping 40 degree in the longest weeks of summer, we kindly ask the bikers to be aware.

Forlì is a wonderful destination for bike tours with the right timing and equipment. The latter of which is provided by local community favourite biker. Gear, bike, other sports equipment are all accessible in the town of Forlì through Sharewood so don’t hesitate to travel!