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If during your stay in Florence you plan to visit beautiful Siena (a UNESCO World Heritage Site thought by many to be the best-preserved medieval city in Europe), there is simply no more scenic way to get there than to take a bike tour from Florence to Siena!

Florence is often called as the open-air museum and it was home to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Galileo, Amerigo Vespucci and the great art patrons behind it all, the Medici family. All of them left a landmark behind to be admired by the masses.

The old gothic city of Siena is a part of the world heritage, and even today we can see the medieval core and buildings. Here, it’s almost like going back to the Middle Ages. Walking through the narrow streets can imagine what life was like centuries ago.

bike tour florence to siena


Bike tour from Florence to Siena is easy and worthwhile

70km southward the bike tour from Florence to Siena takes about 3 hours on a good road bike –which Sharewood is proud to offer for rent from community favourite shops – but there’s no hurry!

You'll spin through the hills of the Chianti countryside along some of the most idyllic cypress and olive tree-lined scenery in Tuscany. On the way make sure to visit the medieval town Castellina in Chianti. Tuscany as one of my friend best put it: “Looks just like the picture on margarine packages!”

Delicate hill curves with a town on top of each, interconnected with seemingly empty roads, rimmed with lanky trees. A green sea of vineyards and gold of wheat fields are illuminated by the with stone towns and cliffs all along the bike tour from Florence to Siena.

Siena lies ahead, waiting for you to roll into its ancient streets, visit its remarkable Duomo and perhaps enjoy a gelato in the famous Piazza del Campo. 
The weather is great, the route is marked. Take the first step, and let Sharewood guide you along your bike tour starting in Florence and ending in Siena, or the other way around. Find more info!