Bike Rental in Tenerife

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Rent Your Bike in Tenerife

The exotic island of Tenerife and cycling go great together

Many people choose Tenerife as their exotic destination due to its gorgeous beaches and incredible weather. Well, if you want to enjoy them all, plus staying fit during your vacation in Tenerife with the help of biking, you should know that such a thing is possible. Take advantage of the service of bike rental in Tenerife and enjoy the amazing local scenery in a fun and exciting manner. So, if lounging on a beach is not your favorite way to enjoy a vacation, then cycling in Tenerife will certainly spice up things. The island is packed with cycling trails, a beautiful landscape that is worth seeing, and great weather that allows you to bike as much as you like.

Exploring Tenerife on two wheels is better than you thought

The island has an incredible network of roads that are in an exceptional state, making cycling ideal when visiting Tenerife. If you never heard anyone saying that he or she will go to Tenerife to enjoy some cycling, then do know that there are quite a few that do this, motivated by the presence of Mount Teide. This mountain provides incredible scenery and a set of curvy roads, just perfect to be discovered on two wheels. If you opt for bike rental in Tenerife, you will end up seeing this gorgeous side of the island in an amazing manner. Most of these roads are 3,718m above sea level, providing breathtaking views over the small settlements in the area. It can be quite a challenge to climb up to this point, from sea level, and on a bicycle, but this is one of the main reasons people come here. After all, no one will push you from behind so you are free to set your own pace.

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Have the equipment you need where and when you need it

Flying to Tenerife with a bicycle on your back may not be such a great option, but you need to know that you don't have to do it this way. You can easily rent all the equipment you need once you reach your destination. In fact, bike rental in Tenerife is even better than this, as you can have your bike and equipment ready for when you arrive at your destination. How to make sure that everything is ready once you get there? Access, compare the offers you find online and choose the right equipment by simply doing a few clicks. This is a large trustworthy platform that covers all Europe, so you'll have no problems finding all the sports equipment you need for unforgettable adventures.

See the charm of Tenerife from a different perspective

It may be odd to think about Tenerife as a place with high roads and rocky peaks, since almost all vacation brochures present the island's sunny beaches and spa resorts. But, Tenerife can offer more than what meets the eye. Once you move north to be near Mount Teide, you will see not just the landscape changing, but also the weather of the island. The summer in this part of Tenerife is cooler, which is quite an advantage, making sports practicing really comfortable and exciting.