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Discover the charming Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote while cycling

Lanzarote is a beautiful island to visit right from the start, but when you add up sunny beaches and the possibility to ride a bike, things get even better. Finding bike rental Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen will represent no problem at all, as the island is accustomed to receiving cyclists that come here from all over the world in search of new adventures. In fact, Puerto del Carmen has quite a few cycling routes anyone can enjoy while submerging in the area's rich history and culture. 

Sea, boats, and bikes

What is interesting to know about Puerto del Carmen is that it emerged as a fishing village. Taking advantage of the proximity of the coastal area, people that lived nearby started harvesting fish from the rich sea waters, so finishing was the main occupation of the people in this village. Slowly, it started developing into a charming harbor, as people started to discover its beautiful location and surroundings. Today, it is still a harbor, not just for fishing boats but also for recreational boats of those who really enjoy spending time on the island. But, this port area is also the start of no less than 20 different cycling trails, each having an impressive length and difficulty level. So, opting for bike rental Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen is actually an exceptional idea to get to see the natural beauties of the village and the island, while preserving a fit shape of your body.

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A charming old town harbor

Although it is not that large, Puerto del Carmen is a charming and very surprising old town harbor. You will love the chic white buildings and see the boats aligned at the docks while walking on the sunny streets of this small town. The landscape is quite impressive considering that it is volcanic rock underneath the city, so you will get to see only that type of vegetation that managed to evolve in this rather harsh environment. So yes, the surroundings of the city are rocky, with palm trees and cactuses scattered randomly, but, even so, this is a gorgeous place to visit and an even better place to go for a bike ride.