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   Lombardy is one of the major regions in Northern Italy. It has its capital in Milan; it is a global hub of fashion and finance, with many restaurants and high-end shops. It is the home of Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent and the Gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral. It houses the Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of “The Last Supper,” evident by centuries of art and culture. In the North of Milan, there is the Lake Como, an expensive alpine resort with the dramatic scenery.

The Lombardy is one of the wealthiest and most industrially developed regions of the country and home to about 70% of employees and about 65% of all businesses. Even though the Rome is the official capital city of Italy, Milan in Lombardy is considered the business and fashion capital of Italy.
Most often, you have heard about Lombardy. It is known as one of the Europe's most renowned tourist center this is why it is such a thrilling site. There are Bike Park Lombardy rentals available as efficient ways to explore this unique spot. You can find bike rental in Lombardy to assist you in discovering the area more healthily. 

Bike Park Lombardy rentals provide you with a different view of the famous park. As a result of its size, it will be hard to discover and uncover each corner of the park on foot. So to do this, you have to get yourself at least a bike to cover more ground. 

bike park lombardia

   Biking in this great commercial city is exciting, and the terrain is bike friendly. It will make your trip more memorable since you can get to any place of choice without wasting much time and do your shopping. Moreover, it’s natural landscape will make you believe that it was built for bike riders.

There are many bikes hiring services providers in Lombardy. Sharewood provides you with original bikes, gears, and helmets for your safety, chain lock for the bike when you decide to rest and take a stroll. You get all these without paying an extra charge when you hire a bike from one of the bike rentals on Sharewood.

Another benefit is the range of bikes they have. You will find almost all kinds of bike that will suit your need for rent there. 
Even if you decide to bring your family members and little ones, you still have the opportunity to enjoy biking with them because, bike rentals also have provision for baby seats and baby trailers. These services are available hourly, daily or throughout your vacation period and the rates are affordable. The longer the rental period, the more money you save.