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The Italian city of Modena lies in the region of Emilia-Romagna – north Italy. The surrounding area consists of splendid hills and valley, vine fields and manors. This region can be explored with ease with a bike tour from Modena!

Modena is a rich, true Italian city full of life, with events, people, good restaurants and cafes. Its name must be known to any well-read person. Its university was founded in distant history and many other sights and attractions call onto a bike tour around Modena.

Modena has flourished since the Romans occupied it in the 2nd century BC. In the past, its source of wealth was the abundant farmlands along the river Po and its pre-eminent location along Via Emilia. Although the famous Roman road was not built with bike tours in mind, today avid bikers can follow the Via from the city core of Modena.


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Modena is as sweet as its wine

Modena's stocky yet rattling Duomo is situated on the right side of Via Emilia. The construction of the cathedral was commissioned by Countess Matilda, Lady of Tuscany, in the 11th century to serve as a final resting place for the patron of the city, St. Geminianus. Matilda hired the greatest architect of the era, Lanfranco, to construct of the building.

In Modena, the slab-sided students of the Accademia Militare are easy to spot. Their institution occupies a 17th-century palace in the city centre. Another palace, Palazzo dei Musei, has a concerning art collection, awaiting bikers and tourists all year around. 

Here you find the library of the Este family - the princes of Modena and Ferrara – the Bibliotheca Estense. The library's permanent exhibit contains an illuminated codex collection, the copy of Dante's Divine Comedy from 1481, and the astonishingly beautiful Borso d'Este Bible, which contains 1200 portrait miniatures.

The city is beautiful on all side, with cool winding alleyways that are impossible to fit a car to, yet perfect or biking; the art and people of the city.S harewood invites you to a bike tour to Modena, join us there!