Best Scuba Diving Vacation Packages

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What should the best scuba diving vacation package offer?

What does a maritime adventure need to be called “THE BEST”? Sharewood tries to answer it, and give you a checklist for the best scuba diving vacation packages.

Firstly we have to decide on what we would like to take part in. Demanding challenges of body and mind, or recreational, and test dives with the family? We will focus on the latter, as we believe professionals know their ways around. Alas, the best scuba diving vacation packages must contain the obvious first steps:

  • Food (Vegetarian options?)
  • Accommodation (on sea or land?)
  • Travel (back and forth, right?)
  • Insurance (What kind?)

But there's more!

best scuba diving vacation packages


Let’s dive in-depth

But most of all, the vacation package should come with sufficient information. If the provider doesn’t give an answer to the following questions, You should consider researching on own or choosing another diving site altogether.

What is the best season for diving in the given area?
For example, in the Canary Islands, the high-season is Winter for diving, while in Croatia it is Summer and Spring. All depends on the region.

What level of difficulty do these dives pose to us?
See, in most of Greece dive schools are specialized in test dives, and family-friendly fun, but at Gozo for example, an absolute beginner has no way to enter the Cathedral Cave. And the difficulty levels are endless, so information is key!

Does the vacation provide opportunities for minors?
It would be a shame to leave the kids on the beach for a day, wouldn’t it?

Does the experience provide equipment, and training or diving crash course?
The snorkelling gear fairly straightforward, but a full diving gear can be overwhelming for some, and so training is needed. Buoyancy check, BCD control, air consumption, pressuring, are just some terms we better to know, if we except to actively take part in the best scuba diving vacation. The package must contain a proper training!

These were the most important properties of a good diving holiday! Sharewood lists trustworthy scuba diving vacation providers all over the globe, who are ready to answer any of your questions, and give you the time of your underwater life!

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