Best Scuba Diving Sardinia

The two-faced giant of Sardinia has double to offer

Dive into Sardinia

Summer and Winter are two different Worlds.

Italy provides great water and underwater activities but maybe the best possible scuba diving in Italy is in Sardinia. The island of Sardinia is a two-faced giant with one looking to the East, and the other to the West. One for summer, and one for the winter.

The best scuba diving in Sardinia is available on the Eastern side of the island. This coast is naturally protected from the prominently south-west wind, whipping the Western seafront. On the coast facing Italy divers are welcomed by the natural reserve of Maddalena’s islands, the marine park of Lavezzi and the bustling aquatic life that inhabits them – in the summer. The water temperature in the hot season can reach 26 degrees, making Sardinia a true diver’s paradise.

scuba diving sardinia


Nothing can hide in transparent water

In the winter though, a so-called thermocline arrives in Sardinia and cools down the waters around 12-15m deep to about 15 degrees. This cold chases away most of the wildlife for almost a quarter a year. The slump persists until September when animals slowly return. Aside from this beauty spot, Sardinia’s Mediterranean climate supports the best scuba diving ambitions, as well as hiking trips on land.

Experienced scuba divers may enjoy the natural mazes of stone, and rock formations in the depths while beginners can enjoy the safer shallow waters. The best scuba diving in Sardinia wouldn’t be the best without the joy of teeming underwater life whose illustrative example are the sunfishes, lobsters, octopi, sharks, squids, crabs, scorpionfishes, and seahorses. These beautiful creatures take residence in a fittingly glorious setting of gorgeous coral gardens, sponges, and sea fans.

Sardinia is 250 km long by 100 km wide; the busiest area is in the North-east where you will find the Maddalena islands. Yet the lesser known Costa Paradiso in the North-west is an equally good diving area. There are many and many more places to dive here, yet for us, Sharewood's community choices are the places for the best scuba diving in Sardinia. Find them here!