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It’s been said, that Italians are used to admire what others have, and are always ready to criticize the beauties before their eyes. The country is rich in history, culture and traditions, however; the journey such as the best rafting in Italy is just outside of locations associated with those characteristics.

It is surprising to discover corners of paradise almost lost a few steps from home. Take Commezzadura for example: it's like a goldmine of adventure, some right in sight, others to be discovered - one of the best rafting spot in Italy.

This is a fact known by Italians who, not only stay away from criticizing the adventures, but also parsing this sports location too. Stay with us, and let us show you what is the best rafting in Italy looks like!

best rafting italy

Commezzadura – involve everyone!

North from Garda Lake, and a bit more north from Trento you’ll find the Noce stream in the beautifully named Valley of the Sun. Where the two meet, there’s Commezzadura. Here, you’ll find the community favourite rafting club which offers experiences for both adults and kids.

Is this your first time rafting? Are you still gathering all your courage? Don’t worry! With an experienced guide on board and sufficient preparation, nothing can go south!

The adult tour takes two hours in which you can discover the beauty of the Val di Sole, through an experience suited for everyone above the age of 12. Fun and adrenaline go hand in hand in Commezzadura, try yourself at the spot for the best rafting in Italy!

Even if you travel with kids, there’s no need for a headache since adequate rafting experience is provided from them as well!

Children will love this tailored rafting experience in Val di Sole! Also a two-hour short tour - perfect to learn the basics and have a lot of fun with all the family! The adventure is made for children, but really everyone can take part.

Hope you’ll agree with us, that the diversity of the experience and the beauty of the valley is sufficient to call it the best spot for rafting in Italy. Yet if you look for something more hardcore, Sharewood has it all – take a look!