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The North of South-America, the South of the Caribbean Sea; find time for the best hiking in Colombian!

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Colombia is a true paradise for the avid hiker or trekker

There is some excitement in the countryside, but pristine national parks, virgin jungles and undiscovered beaches are also waiting for the bolder travellers in the north of Colombia.

Despite the continuing problems, the country is opening up to the rest of the world, attracting more tourists to Colombia. Colombia supports tourism in many ways and presents the friendly local residents, exotic and unspoilt landscapes. Ecotourism is the slogan nowadays, and that is just what you need if you are looking for the best hiking in Colombia.

In ten years, the number of foreigners visiting the country has increased threefold. In addition to the big cities (Bogotá, Medellín), foreigners are seeking to go to the Pacific Coast or the Caribbean: in the northern part of the country, it is worth to visit the national parks such as the huge Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or the smaller but fascinating Parque Tayrona.

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The latter is a 225 square kilometre park visitable from Santa Marta (the city is one hour flight away from the capital) and is explored for its rich wildlife and beauty. Hikers in this part of Columbia will find eight hundred species of plants, more than four hundred species of fish swimming in nearby waters, and more than 100 species of mammals living in the area. Three hundred kinds of birds are eager to show themselves for the calm hikers.

This experience is only elevated by the huge, multistage waterfall to the point, where it is a must to visit and is surely the best location for hiking in Colombia! This kind of waterfall in Europe would bring millions to the restaurants, bars and souvenir shops settled around it - but here, apart from dozens of local visitors, the area is deserted, virtually untouched by the humans as there is no hotel or discotheque - the visitor can be alone with nature.

The park also has a variety of beaches, including rocky, coral, perfect for diving, but a bit further there is a sandy beach with palm trees, and it is worth to visit Playa de Siete Olas, the “Seven Wave Beach”, where, if not always seven, but at least five or six cracked wave hacking, trapped in each other.

This is just one of the many spots that could arguably be called the spot for best hiking in Colombia, but it shouldn’t be of concern, rather a praise for the beautiful country. Come and find your trek with Sharewood!