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   Bardonecchia is located at the gateway of the city of Italy to the Frejus tunnel, in the area of Turin, Piedmont region, western Susa Valley. It is very prominent among Italian destinations in the days of yore and has now become a major attraction as a central skiing and biking destination today. The resort is excellent for novice and expert bikers. With access to 140 km downhill run, it has about 49 individual pistes rising at 2.300 altitudes. 

The resort provides a natural ice skating rink, a games hall, a cinema, and a sauna. There are also other amenities available for activities like biking, horse riding, ice hockey, hiking, snowboarding, and just other sightseeing entertaining activities. 

The best way to enjoy and sightsee all the import events, attractive centers, amenities in Bardonecchia is to ride a bike. There are many bicycles for rent in Bardonecchia Bike Park which you can hire with just a little amount of money without going through any stress. This Bike part is a paradise away from home, and it is located in the ski lifts area of Bardonecchia. There are many activities and discipline such as downhill, mountain bike cross country and, free ride, which bikers or tourists can try their hands on while on vacation in Bardonecchia.

There is over 400 km of tracks from an altitude of 1400 meters to up to 3000 meters. You can also find other smaller parks at the  Pian del Sole parks very close to the departure of the chairlift.

bardonecchia bike park

   The Bardonecchia Bike Park has a park of 400 km of tracks at that altitude of 1400 to 3009 meters with two lifts for bikes and bikers transportation. It has more than 49 signposted tracks labeled according to their complexity. It also has parks for children which are used purposely for kids’ entertainment.

In case you are on your bike you do not have to worry about bike repair and maintenance as all these services are available in Bardonecchia Bike Park. For the locals and the tourist’s riders who are on vacation, there are time-tested bike rental services companies located in Bardonecchia park who offer bike rental services.

You can hire original bikes, sports gears, and other outdoor sporting equipment for your vacation ride from the comfort of your home. Sharewood offers quality bike hiring services to our client at an affordable cost.

In Bardonecchia, there are more than 40 routes that cyclists can explore by biking. It is easy to explore these paths because all tracks are signposted and classified as blue, green, black, red, downhill. These tracks, which pass through some beautiful point, are designed mainly on flat surface or ground. This made it possible for even the novice rider to explore without much exertion of energy during riding.

The Bardonecchia Bike Park accommodates the biking need of every individual rider. For example Campo Smith and children park, Children enjoy complete safety on a specifically equipped course with see-saw wooden bridges, parabolic curves, wooden bridges, and bumps. 

Hiring a bike in Bardonecchia from a trusted company like Sharewood is something worth trying out if you want to enjoy the best of your vacation trip.