Backpacking in Greece

Greece is a wonderful place for a picnic

Explore Greece

Have you heard it? Island-hopping is a natural way of backpacking!

Greece is way more than the Peloponnesian Peninsula, there are many larger and smaller islands, all surrounded by the azure sea. This country, in addition to the Olympic Games in ancient times, has become the home of philosophy, democracy and, above all, a beautiful antique culture. These ancient times linger still waiting to be explored while backpacking in Greece!

Its popularity is due to its favourable climate, from May to the end of October there is constant warmth. While backpacking in Greece, tourists will find infinite different beaches here. From sandy shore through the gravel to the rocky, but there are beaches here where you can try different attractions or silently deserted ones.  Don’t stay only on the mainland, the islands may be an even better destination for hiking!

hiking in greece


Let’s see the sea!

The name of the first island comes to anyone’s mind is already apparent in the early Mesopotamian written memories - Crete is the largest and southernmost Greek island and is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean.  The Minoan civilization was a predominant Bronze Age civilization on the island of Crete and on other Aegean islands. They preceded the ancient civilization of Greece and their traces are still visible while backpacking in Greece. Crete is an island with fantastic climate – the bathing season is from April to November.

Corfu belongs to the most delightful of the Greek islands. Following the coast, North trekkers will pass through several resorts, popular among families with children. The beautiful beaches are an indispensable part of these resorts. Backpacking in Greece means unforgettable experiences that come hand in hand with the local monasteries, coastal towns and Kerkyry, where day and nightlife is both lively and bustling.

Zakynthos, the home of turtles. The main attraction of the island is the occurrence of a huge turtle breed – the endangered Loggerhead Turtle. These animals have become the symbol of the island and today they adorn the cities, jewels, glassware. In Zakynthos or as also known, Zante is one of the largest Ionian islands and it is located south of Corfu, together with the Kefalonia and Lefkas. Zane is unmissable when backpacking in Greece - due to its lush vegetation, the island is called "The Flower of the East" or "The Island of Fragrances". 

Of course, the country of Greece is much more than this handful of islands, and all its regions are perfect for backpacking. Visit also the Mount Olympos, the Chalkidiki peninsula or the islands of Rhodos and Kos! Find gear, and guides on the Sharewood website and enjoy your time in Greece!