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Explore Albania

Arriving on foot is a wonder.

Basically, there are three reasons to go on Albanian holidays: because it is close, because it is cheap and because it is exotic.  Sharewood will show you that some of these stereotypes about Albanian and holidays there aren’t exactly true.

But let’s break it down: it’s not close.

By car, from Budapest to Tirana less than 16 hours is only possible if you get lucky and switch drivers. Route planners have no better results than 12 hours, but they were developed by Westerners who never hear about roadblocks and border guards in Albania. Holidays with the car here means that you have the advantage of having a vacation with your own vehicle, and the disadvantage that some of the attractions you see are not necessarily remembered for the sights themselves, but, for example for finding a parking space.

There are flights to Corfu (mainly in the summer) and to southern Italy. From there you can take a ferry to the mainland, thus arrive light and ready for trekking.

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Trekking trail for adventure travellers

A significant part of the Albanians lived for at least a short time in Western Europe and it is a real blessing for the tourist coming to Albania for holidays.

The main attractions for Albanian holidays are typically Albanian villages, some of which remains untouched to this day. They were typically built on a steep hillside, with massive, clan houses, sometimes especially exorbitant ones. But they have no chance to compete with the beauty of the Albanian landscape. Thanks to the hills, the scenery is at least beautiful anywhere and is impressive amongst the mountains. Tours and guided trekking is possible here, and even some locals may tag along or help out with some words.

As you may see Albania is neither far nor foreign, it is a lively country that is perfect for open-hearted visitors, trekkers and backpackers. Even the number of tourists visiting Albania has increased by 12 percent during the first three months of 2018. One thing is true of the many stereotypes, Albania is a holidays country, and it is cheap.