Your Ski Holidays in Alagna Italy

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Rent Your Ski in Alagna

   Alagna is a commune located on the east side of the Monterosa Ski. This is part of the Valsesia alpine valley which connects the valleys Antagnod, Brusson, Champoluc and Gressoney La Trinite. Alagna offers skiing on it's huge on and off-piste descents. The commune sits 3000 meters above sea level that enables it to provide massive vertical heights for skiing. In 2013 UNESCO named Alagna as a World Heritage site. Alagna Italy offers the following for skiers:

Skiing for Both Beginners and Experts

Skiing in Alagna Italy is ideal for both beginners and intermediate skiers. The resort offers an open ski area for people to familiarize themselves with skiing. The resort also offers steep sloped for experts to challenge themselves.

Adequate Height

The village sits at 3000 meters above sea level while the ski area goes up to over 3200 meters above sea level.  These factors provide a thrill for experienced skiers while they also ensure that the region stays snowy all year round.

Cheap Prices

Ski holidays in Alagna Italy are good as the hotels offer low prices to attract customers. The self-catering apartments in the region are well furnished and are such a bargain for their prices. Alagna’s location allows the guests to experience picturesque views of their surroundings which contributes to the overall enjoyment of the ordeal.

Excellent Entertainment and Dining Choices

While the Alagna Italy is well known for skiing, the resort offers a cultured entertainment experience to its guests. The bars are located close to the hotels, and their restaurants provide the tourist with traditional Italian cuisine. The commune town retains its traditional feel like not many buildings are new, and it allows people to experience traditional Italian architecture. Whatever your preference is Alagna Italy will cater for it if not providing a better substitute.

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