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What a beautiful place to be outdoors!

A week in Val di Sole: means trekking, biking and rafting on the Brenta Dolomites. This trip is most suitable for those who cannot sit idle. The adventure tour in Val di Sole, Italy (The adventure tour in Valley of Sun, Italy as it is pronounced in English) is one that integrates many of the local and renowned clubs of the aforementioned sports activities and takes place in the northern end of the country - often times mistaken for a romantic English park.

The green scenery of lush vegetation is cornered with the white backdrop of mountains above and reflected back on the water surface of the river Nocce below. (Nocce means nut, but resembling notte, which would mean: night. )This uplifting landscape itself is enough to transcend visitors from the tedium of the off-season.

adventure tour val di sole italy


Trekking biking and rafting.

This is what Sharewood’s adventure tour in Val di Sole delivers. What it does not deliver, and, in fact, refuses to take part in, is niggling and melodrama. Even mentioning these in a place called “The Valley of the Sun” is arguably a drama in itself. As a participant has probably and very precisely once said after the tour: “This trip had nothing to do with niggling and melodrama.” Sharp.

The adventure tour’s 7 diurnal programmes include (among eating, sleeping and other menial tasks) cable car travels, more than 30km of biking in the course of a day, visitation to a waterfall, mountain climbing (strictly without falling), rafting on the Nut, relaxing in a spa, and finally one freshly made, wet, and delicious roll of cheese.

If you are above 12 years and interested in a sporty holiday in Italy, then, this might be it. The adventure tour of Val di Sole, in Italy. Enough of the floundering, help yourself with reading on and click away!