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Lycian Adventure Tour

One of the most beautiful hiking trails and walks in the world, the perfect combination of natural and historical wonders as well as touring and swimming!

Wandering in a meadow filled with flowers, snow-covered mountain peaks and crystal clear mountain streams. Beaching in remote and secluded coves, but also a trip to the lovers of culture, since ancient Greek, Roman and Persian archaeological sites, thousands of years old rocky arches, sunken towns and Byzantine temples bring back the magical atmosphere of the days gone.

adventure tour turkey


Adventure Tour in Turkey - a precious treasure of sunken cities and ancient empires

Lycus (Latin in Lycia) was an ancient geographic unit from today's Fethiye to Antalya. It is a semi-insular mountainous area in the densely wooded part of southwestern Asia Pacific in the area of today's Turkey. It was a close alliance of independent city-states whose story it goes back to 1250BC. In these coasts there was only a maritime transport route until the 1970s, therefore we can encounter the wonderful natural attractions and memories of the lost ages almost undisturbed.

Here are some things to do and see in this part of southwest Turkey other than visiting ancient sites.  This part of the country with its gorgeous scenery is a superb place for nature-lovers and outdoor activity enthusiasts for an adventure tour in Turkey.

Canoeing on the Xanthos River - Enjoy a day paddling downstream through the beautiful nature of the Xanthos Valley.

Scuba Diving - Many resort areas offer scuba diving and lessons. The Mediterranean with its warm, calm, tide free seas with great visibility make this area ideal for both beginners and more experienced divers.

Mountain Trekking - trekking in the mountains of Lycia offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the Taurus range.

Visiting the Saklikent Gorge might be the best adventure tour in Turkey. Interested? Come with us, come with Sharewood!