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Gozo is a really nice place.

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Għawdex huwa post tassew sbieħ!

The adventure tour of Malta, or rather, the Maltese, takes place on the island of Gozo. This fuzzily named island lies in the vicinity of its well-known sibling and namesake of the country of Malta - just north of Africa and south of Europe.

The Urban dictionary states: “Gozo is to Malta what Wales is to Britain.  In Maltese, it is written as Għawdex.”

The similarities of these two localities are further intensified upon reading the description of the Adventure tour of Malta on the appropriate Sharewood website. It has to say this:  “Sea, sky, wind, rocks, beaches and open spaces dominate the landscape. The exciting view from the cliffs to the clear waters and long beaches are bewitching.” The parallel is obvious, aside from the theory breaking 15 to 20 degree difference in the annual average temperature for Gozo’s benefit.

This might be the reason why outstandingly more visitors choose Gozo over Wales. Or it might be the majestically coloured, well documented, and genuinely important azure window frames of Saint Lawrence’s residential buildings.

adventure tour malta


One thing is for sure about Gozo.

Fun and sporty activities await you on the exotic island under the guidance of Sharewood. In fact, the Adventure Tour of Malta is a well-organized, thought trough, and stupefying cheap vacation that encompasses several outdoor activities, days, locations, and people. Up to 28 exactly, but not less than 18 years old each - which is not the worst thing if you think about it.

The following activities make up the bulk of the tour put forward here: biking, trekking, visiting cultural sites, and not visiting anything at all in favour of the personal pool. Not to mention the astounding sea, and the maritime life embracing Gozo.

This accelerating adventure tour at Malta is available from May to October, and here’s the clever bit: it’s all organized. Done! Click on any of these friendly green buttons to figure out when to start packing!