Adventure Tour Lebanon

There’s no better feeling than to relax with a glass of wine after the long road

Explore Lebanon

Adventure to the antique world of Lebanon on a kayak

Lebanon, the ancient land of the Phoenician, between the sea and desert, is awaiting to guide you on a unique adventure tour:  from the capital Beirut to the Unesco Baalbek site, from the Chouf mountains to the Orontes River. This itinerary was created for you if you are more focused on long trekking sessions and several hours of kayaking than on regular sightseeing.

Lebanon - a small, but rather particular country.  Its geographical location, natural world, history and its present are all delightful and worthy to be explored. Participants on this adventure tour in Lebanon will find their way to the cites, the mountains, the valleys. There are beautiful beaches, bays and cliffs here and the high mountain peaks sometimes rise from the sea. There are countless historical monuments, natural attractions and a long list of cultural events in the cities. It’s also good to know that the Lebanese cuisine offers the most delicious gourmet specialities.

Traces of history can be found on every corner. From prehistoric times to the present day we can admire, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Crusader, Mammal, Turkish and French culture all in one tour in Lebanon.

adventure tour lebanon


From Phoenicians to You

The Phoenicians for example, have contributed to the development of civilization with a number of inventions. They created the first alphabet, invented the glass, coloured clothing, and built a relationship with the world overseas on their ships built of cedar trees and lastly, they gave the name of Europe to the Old World.

If you are looking for a different, adventurous and open-air way to discover Lebanon, then you have found the right place. This adventure tour in Lebanon Sharewood proposes consists of these diverse activities, in the beautiful backdrop of the remarkable landscape.

Travel to the mountains of Chouf and the Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve (Barouk), These mountains are wild and isolated in some parts nonetheless pleasant to exploration. The reserve is an Eco-tourism area which hosts 32 species of wild mammals and 200 species of birds.

Discovering the Beqaa Valley – where adventurers find the ancient Roman ruins of Baalbek, the city named after the Canaanite god Baal. Then, the Romans renamed Baalbek to "Heliopolis" and built an impressive temple complex, including temples to Bacchus, Jupiter, and Venus. Today, the ruins are the site of the Baalbeck International Festival, which attracts artists, performance groups and tourists from around the world.

To wash away the dust of the road, and to wake up from the regular tourist activities and hiking the adventure continues with rafting on the Orontes River. After sufficient rowing explorers will find themselves in the Ksara winery, the oldest in Lebanon, founded in 1857.

Hiking and rafting are just two noteworthy sports to take part in, but climbing and ziplining are also lined up with Sharewood’s organized tour. Learn more here!