Adventure Tour Jordan

The course of the shifting sand of time.

Explore Jordan

Adventure and tour in the deserts and forests of Jordan

Are you looking for adventure, hiking or trekking in an unseen World, eluded in history and magic? Jordan may be what you are looking for. A pearl in the shifting Arabic sand, from the red Wadi Rum desert to the emerald the Dead Sea.

This adventure tour in Jordan leads you on the sand of time to the beautiful Petra and the capital, Amman through the desert. Let yourself be mesmerized by Jordan through a Sharewood exclusive itinerary, which will take you on a unique experience, through long walks, hiking trails and starry nights.

Most adventure tours in Jordan starts in the capital, Amman and so does this one. Within the midst of the modern centre, there is evidence of its ancient roots, with colourful, timeless bazaars, Roman ruins, museums and monuments paint the picture of the regional history. The enigmatic outskirts are made of akin buildings of yellow and white colours blending into their surroundings perfectly.

adventure tour jordan


Time to leave the city

From here the adventure leads to the Ajloun Forest Reserve in North-West Jordan. The Mediterranean-like climate in the reserve is rare in Jordan as wooded areas account for only 1% of Jordan's area. The geography of the reserve contains rolling green hills and springs. Its flora and fauna are national treasures and hikers have the wonderful option not to leave the Reserve overnight and stay in bungalows or a hotel, depending on the season.

From the forest, the adventure leads to the desert.  To the deep gorges of Wadi Numeira, which are amazing by daylight but truly stunning in start light. Therefore night camping in the desert is must to experience on an adventure tour here. 

Petra is close - the city of sand and rock carved into the yellow cliffs of Jordan. The ancient wonder city was once capital, and bustling trading hub of long gone kingdoms, surviving wars and earthquakes alike to present itself today proud and tall millenniums long after its construction. Any adventure tour in Jordan but even the Arabic Peninsula is incomplete without paying homage to its greatness.

A modern capital, nature, and history are to be visited in just one week in Jordan. And with time left to spend between the attractions, hot air balloon ride, horse ride or camel ride invites hikers into the desert. Intrigued? Learn more on Sharewood!