Adventure Tour Ireland

In the footsteps of Celts on the Emerald Island

Explore Ireland

Adventure Tour in Ireland is equal part people and nature

Adventure tour in Ireland with us, if you wonder how the wild waves of the Atlantic can brush the awesome hundred-foot rocks, if you want to hike on the Giant’s Causeway, and if you want to chug a pint of great beer or a glass of real whiskey. Adventure tour in Ireland with us if you want to sleep at the World’s end oceanfront inn, if you're interested in where U2 and Enya came or from where St Patrick's legend comes from!

On the countryside, travellers rarely meet with people and settlements, but rather smaller farms and a lot of sheep. There is no telephone signal; the sheep do not call. Yet, if we happen to meet someone on the adventure on Ireland’s countryside, they are open, and up for a good laugh like we know each other for years. 

The harsh weather didn’t break the Irish yet, and you shouldn’t be afraid either!

Adventure Tour Ireland


There’s no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

In April the temperature is about 5-8 degree, and in the countryside, there’s not much to heat ourselves up with. There are not much woods or oil here, but there is always something else. Peat, also called turf, is an accumulation of decayed vegetation that is unique to natural areas called bogs, mires, moors, or muskegs. Locals in the rural area collect and dry this precious material, to use it to heat their homes and the adventure tourist’s inn. 

Raincoat is not always necessary but it there’s no one to blame if we don’t have it. The wind is sharp and cold blowing perpetually from the water. Yet after two beers, the entire 6 Celsius by what the ocean is blessed with is enough to invite the bravest for some fun and to bring a smile to the witnesses face.

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