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Explore Galapagos

Take part in the adventure tour to Galapagos, just don’t make a mess!

Ecuador offers the most varied natural and cultural sights of the continent for travellers. In the smallest country in South America, we have to spend little time travelling, so there is a multitude of active programs waiting for us on our equatorial vacation, including an adventure tour to the Galapagos Islands.

Still on the mainland, at the top of the Andes, you’ll find the Quilotoa crater lake, where you may adventure to the isolated home of the Tigua Indian community. In the Cotopaxi National Park, you may visit one of the highest active volcanoes on our planet, from the Edward Whymper shelter built  5,000-meter high on the Chimborazo. 

To Ecuador's is capital, Quito. The capital lies at the foot of the Pichincha volcano at 2,850 meters above sea level. The stunning Old Town is also there to be explored. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Quito, is one of the most well-preserved colonial cities in Latin America. From here starts the real adventure tour to Galapagos.

adventure tour galapagos


“Alas, to Galapagas”

After a short flight from the capital, you arrive at the Galapagos Islands on the Baltra Island. Choosey a ferry to ride you through the few hundred meters wide Itabaca Channel - to the north coast of Santa Cruz. From here, there are regular buses to the southern tip of the island. From there it’s easy to walk to the amazing Galapagos Highland. In these ever-bursting, sprawling misty forest, we can meet some of Darwin's renowned finches.

The island's tourist centre is the small town of Puerto Ayora from where most of the adventure tours start at the Galapagos - on foot, bike, bus anything!

From the town you may choose to walk through the lush mangrove forest and explore the UNESCO wildlife of the island – just don’t litter! At the and of the path you’ll be faced with the Darwin Research Station where 200 scientists and volunteers work day and night to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos.

After the forest, it’s time to breath fresh air and to relax the body. The Tortuga Bay is the closest, and best beach to cool down on an adventure tour at the Galapagos, yet if you are eager to move one, there are kilometres of coastline to be explored on foot or kayak.

The adventure tour at Galapagos is an unparalleled wildlife experience on our Earth. You'll snorkel with playful sea lions, admire amusing blue-footed boobies, and marvel at ancient tortoises. Rudimentary skills are sufficient to safely dive with these magical creatures, moreover, they are so numerous, it virtually impossible to count!

And this concludes our adventure tour to the Galapagos, yet don’t you fret, the journey never stops! Find more experiences on Sharewood’s website!