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Stop looking in front of you, look up and stare!

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Adventure with this tour in Canada to the see the Northern Lights

To the north, a green sheen begins to ripple in the night sky. It bends in an ebb and flow, growing slowly, then, suddenly burst through the entire expanse of the night sky, bustling and dancing as if it were happy. It is the spectacular Aurora Borealis as seen in the Yukon, Canada.

Yukon, the land of the first gold seekers as well as backpackers, is still the destination for many adventure tourists every year trying to capture this incredible phenomenon.

Answer the call, adventure, tour in Canada and hunt the Aurora Borealis yourself. Stay in the lodges, and immerse into World beyond day and night. Relax, sink yourself completely into nature, and always keep an eye on the sky.

adventure tour canada


The land is as unique as the heavens

The location of this adventure tour in Canada is the not so known but, the more interesting Whitehorse. Whitehorse is the territorial capital and Yukon's only city. It is located at kilometre 1426 on the Alaska Highway in southern Yukon, alone as a wolf, yet not separated from the rest of the World. Adventurers are served by the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport which has scheduled service to Vancouver and other interconnected areas.

From here the northernmost adventure tour of Canada starts, so does yours. From here participants may trek in the untouched nature of Yukon, or explore what the sole city has to offer. After all, there’s no better service far and wide!

The adventure tour in Canada and in specific in Whitehorse is tempting for one more reason: as reported by Guinness World Records, Whitehorse is the city with the least air pollution in the world. So open your eyes, open your lungs, and heart and see, what most never will. Take the adventure tour to Canada! One thing you don’t have to open wide with Sharewood is your wallet. Answer the call and see!