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The trip to Portugal that you may rightfully call exhausting

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Adventure tour on the Azores

What is it? A sports holiday where you can try your hand in a different activity each day thus avoiding the let-down of getting bored? It is, dear Reader. Biking, hiking, diving, and other excruciatingly interesting sports do characterize but don’t define the adventure tour in Azores, Portugal

The volcanic archipelago is divided into many distinguished features which, if it wouldn’t be for an “adventure tour” you would be better off avoiding. Lava tubes, crater lakes, calderas and extremely good wine to name a few.

If there’s a Lost World in Europe, this is it, and if there’s the best season to see it, it is summer – the season of sperm whales and dolphins.

adventure tour azores


The adventure tour on the Azores goes somewhat like this:

On the island of Terceira overabundance of diverse sport activates will get you confused, baffled, and well tired at parts of your body you can’t name. Afterwards, on the morning of the eighth day all of a sudden, you will stomp and yell the following words: “No! I am staying.” to which your friends – by this time red of shame like a Chouriço - will pull you by the ear and take you home as such. Following the adventure tour of Azores whenever holiday stories come up as a casual discussion on a casual party they will state only that the weather was rather good. Thus protecting your social standing. Friends are friends forever.

The following list is a foretaste of the possible recreational sports activities you may part take in if you so choose: Downhill mountain biking, hiking on a volcano, kayaking into the sunset, standup paddleboarding, snorkelling, scuba diving, and walking backwards.

If you believe you may be the sort of fellow who enjoys walking backwards to a volcano to prepare your Chouriço than; adventure tour in the Azores and Sharewood!