Adventure in Molise

7-day trekking adventure in Molise

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One step ahead, and you find yourself on the road

Sharewood invites you on an unexpected adventure. We will take you on an adventure in Molise, Italy! When it comes to trekking, long hikes and related adventure sports, people think of the high mountains of the north or jungles of the equator. Not everyone is aware of the immediate beauty of mainland Europe. Molise is a land that offers its visitors everything a wanderer wants.

In our trek in Molise, we will discover the region from within and along the ancient paths. The adventure in Molise is in fact based on what were the routes of the shepherds. In ancient times the seasons dictated to shepherds to practice what is known as transhumance. These are the migrations that were made during the year to move the flocks from the Molise to the Abruzzo and Puglia. Normally in summer they moved north and in winter to the south.

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This is a World, where history is written in dust

The legacy that this practice has left is a network of paths that allow the practice of trekking in Molise. The most commonly called shepherd's paths offer the possibility of being outdoors, practising sport and discovering the beauties and history of this land up close. We have decided to organize this adventure holiday in Molise for a number of reasons. First of all, it is very easy to get there. The second reason is that it is passable in a few days, but keeps being interesting for more. This adventure in Molise will be complete in ten short days, perfection for those who have a few days available or simply for those who want to escape for a few days from the routine of work and the city.

We will take care of the organization throughout the duration of the holiday. Set off on a 7-day discovery tour in Molise! From Campobasso to San Pietro Avellana, following the paths of the ancient shepherds: the trekking will be characterized by mountain paths and routes that follow the coastline, you’ll witness amazing landscapes and discover a whole new part of Italy, with its traditions, history, and beauty.

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