Hi all!

We're a team composed of outdoor's enthusiast which aims to change the rule of the game of our industry and to improve the life of travelers and sports' passionate. We transformed our passion in a project willing to create a brand new community of people ready to share their sports gear, stories, competencies and experiences through the rental of sports equipment on our platform.

We started out as a team of two in a garret of Milan, and now we're more than 15, all united and engaged on our greatest goal: revolutionize the outdoor's world in Italy and Europe. Our aim's also to give a chance to an always increasing number of people to cultivate their passion for experience-based tourism and outdoor sports.

We strive for eco-sustainability, biodiversity, civil rights and circular economy. We love brainstorming sessions, to have a connection with our users and the feeling of being part of a community and group of people greater than us. For these reasons, we ask you to share your experiences. We believe that each one of us has a story that deserved to be shared.

Sharewood is also yours; we are waiting for you.

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