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Rent Your Ski in Selva di Val Gardena

Ski Rental Selva di Val Gardena, Italy: Inside the circuit of the Sellaronda

   There are some unique and fascinating stories that it would be a shame not to tell them. Although we are planning to go skiing from morning to night in Selva di Val Gardena, we can’t leave without mentioning some aspects of the past of this beautiful and unique community. Did you know, for example, that the first human traces from these parts can be dated back to seven thousand years before Christ?! Of course, the first permanent population had to wait a long time before leaving some sign in Val Gardena, but knowing we're skiing on paths already traveled over 90,000 years ago does a strange feeling. Or maybe you might be interested in the ruins of Wolkenstein Castle! It’s another trip back in time, since the first property documentation dates back to the fourteenth century.

Aside from all this, we are in the heart of winter sports. The cultural and historic aspects make it unique but in Val Gardena this is not the only enterteinment. Luckily in Selva, the Alpine skiing facilities are as many as the historical curiosities that the region can offer! Different ski tracks suitable for every level of experience, for beginners as well as for ski professionals. Do not worry if don’t speak the local language. Even though here are practically all Ladin languages, they will probably understand your requirements very well.

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  For winter sports fans: Selva di Val Gardena, the last municipality in the Val Gardena, is perhaps one of the most interesting resorts for skiers, thanks to Sellaronda, which runs right in the center of the village. The tour of the Sellaronda, after all, is the most important and famous itinerary in Italy, and it joins four valleys, the name often attributed to it: Tour of the four valleys. Famous not only for the beauty of the places also for the multitude of itineraries it offers, but precisely because it was the first itinerary to be developed, followed by a chain of many others.

A journey of about 40 kilometers, between tracks and passages through various plants. All connected to the skis, with the possibility of a smooth ride. Selva di Val Gardena is perhaps the most popular location, attacting a lot of turists eager to face the Sellaronda and the many snow-covered slopes.

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