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Ski Rental Torino, Italy: The Capital Of 2006 Winter Olympics Games

   We would like to write pages and pages to present a big and important city like Turin, and not just a short article that shows a few aspects of it. The city of cars, with the largest Italian company, city of football, with two historic teams, also city of books, with a large annual fair and still museums, squares. The first capital of united Italy, before passing the scepter to Florence and then to Rome.

In 2006, Turin was the capital of winter sports. Te city hosted the XX edition of the Winter Olympics Games, a historic and important worldwide event!

For this significance and importance that Turin has for winter sports we would like to present you a different Turin from what you can visit every day, on foot, between monuments and historical routes. For all ski lovers Turin is a city of great importance, able to offer suitable accommodation just a few kilometers from fantastic ski runs.

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   The ability to organize Winter Olympic Games tells it all about the possibilities that the city offers. The sports facilities in the area are numerous and at a very high level. For Alpine ski fans we can mention San Sicario Fraiteve (in the municipality of Cesana Torinese), Sestriere Borgata and Sestriere Colle (municipality of Sestriere), and for those who are planning for Nordic ski we suggest the Pragelato Pian (municipality of Pragelato)!

Numerous ski areas a few miles from the capital, which allow you to visit the city and also find great fun on the surrounding peaks! No matter how the weather is, it's snowing or not , it's not a problem, thanks to the many artificial snow systems areas! In Turin you will not even be hard to organize with the ski equipment you need.

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