The appeal of Livigno ski resort in Italy 

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    Livigno is a commune on the slopes of a fair-sized mountain. The resort provides relatively low prices when it comes to accommodation. Holiday deals although uncommon are attractive enough to place this town getaway on your vacation shortlist. Livigno offers one of a kind experience to both beginners and intermediate skiers. The resort, however, provides small trivial drawbacks.

Reliable snow

Livigno is located at high levels above the sea that makes it cold. The weather provides snow for the skiers all year round.

Village charm

At the core of the resort is a single, mainly pedestrian street. This road is approximately a kilometer long. Hotels and various forms of accommodation establishments are located here. As it is a single street bar, gift shops and supermarkets are also there. Due to the small size of the resort, the buildings are small in size, and they don of the traditional Italian architecture. This creates a rather modern village vibe to the resort. The current theme is further complemented by the modern lift system. The presence of one road can sometimes be detrimental when there is massive traffic of people.


It's a long, spread-out resort – over 4km from one end to the other. The pedestrian core is the most attractive all-round location, but the three top lifts are out at the extremities. Unless you opt to stay near one of these, you will make substantial use of the free bus services, but they get overcrowded at peak times, and they stop at around 8 pm. The complex route map requires serious study, but reporters find the services ‘regular' and ‘efficient.' Taxis (including minibusses for groups) are affordable. Lively, friendly, quite a smart village with an excellent Alpine atmosphere


Livigno’s high position and long ridges provide attractive views from both sides of the valley. This attracts diverse people to the resort apart from the skiers. This location, however, can make the resort feel a bit bleak and isolated.

Livigno ski resort