Fjord tour in Brazil

Tour in the Fjords in the Paraty region, Brazil

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The tour of water and rock

Brazil is the land of huge golden beaches, football and sea, and even more: wild nature, mountains, and pristine promontories. There’s no better place to start an adventure tour in Brazil than Rio de Janeiro which is easily accessible and said to be the most beautiful city of the continent but surely the one, bustling with the most passion. 

Come to Paraty and discover the Brazilian fjords, in the small colonial pearl 200 km from Rio de Janeiro. Located between the particular fjords and Brazilian cliffs, the city offers unexplored beaches, surrounded by barren mountains full of vegetation, which make the region one of the most attractive destinations in South America. The area includes the Bocaina National Park and the Cairuçu and Joatinga reserves. Embark on a unique adventure and experience Brazil in an alternative way!

fjord tour in brazil

Fjords – Not only in Norway

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The 8-day tour aims to explore the beauties of the surroundings as much as possible, to offer participants an entirely new point of view on Brazil. The peak of the tour will be Saco do Mamanguà, the only true Brazilian fjord, but the adventure will continue with kayak excursions, sensational treks and nature rides. Small bays, rainforests and local villages will make your experience with Sharewood unique and colourful!

Already the first day puts you on the road, whit no time to waste! Participants will be picked up at the airport and off we go!

The road from Rio to Paraty takes three hours but offers fantastic views, so you will not even notice the passing of time. From here we head on to the indigenous village of Paraty-Mirim, where the tour to Saco do Mamanguá will begin. The trek includes a steep climb up to the summit, to admire the Brazil fjords from above. 

The next two day is all about kayaking swimming around the fjords. And from then on we will explore waterfalls, lonely beaches; surf camps and more villages such as Praia do Sono. The village is one of the most beautiful in the area and preserves the spirit of the Caiçara people, influenced by the culture of surfing.

The last evening there will be spent in the atmosphere of the coexistence of Caiçaras natives, surfers and tourists to make the memory last. If you are intrigued to learn more about Sharewood’s adventures please go on to our dedicated website!