Discovery tour in Brazil

Tour discovering the beauties of Ilha Grande, Brazil

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The greatest island beaches EVER!

Set off on a discovery tour of Ilha Grande, Brazil! Every year, Brazilians move from Rio to the island to spend a holiday of sea and fun. Over our 9-day tour, we will explore the far and wide of the fascinating and wild coves of the island and attractive nature. 

There’s no better place to start an adventure tour in Brazil than Rio de Janeiro which is easily accessible and said to be the most beautiful city of the continent but surely the one, bustling with the most passion. 

discovery tour in brazil


Embark on a unique adventure and experience Brazil in an alternative way!

Your adventure will start in Rio de Janeiro, where you will reach the main destination of the journey with a 2-hour transfer. The island is a perfect mix of beach, nature, and culture! During the tour, you will learn about the local fishing communities, visit the caiçaras villages, and get to know the festive Brazilian culture.
Already the first day puts you on the road, whit no time to waste! Participants will be picked up at the airport in Boa Vista and off we go! From here on there’s no stopping for the next week and more.

Light treks on the wonderful island will start on day 1 but don’t worry! There will be time to swim and sunbath too! The indigenous culture opens up before you, and the past comes to life!

Yout won’t leave the islands without having visited the ruins of the ancient prison of the island, in the village of Dois Rios. The site nowadays is an area of marine research and study. 

At the last evening, there will be only one thing to discover in Brazil, and that is even more relaxing! This tour will surely make you remember Brazil, so If you are intrigued to learn more about Sharewood’s adventures please go on to our dedicated website!