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A Vietnam get-away could be what you're looking for!

If you are looking for an exotic destination to reach, our tour in Vietnam is the one for you!

Vietnam is now one of the most famous countries in Southeast Asia and its fame is well deserved. The reasons are numerous. Its streets, valleys and mountains are rich in history. The ruins of the ancient imperial cities are in fact the typical photograph of Vietnam. Nature is lush everywhere, the jungle of an intense green colour and wild animals is at arm’s reach. All this while the local population will make you feel like you're an extra member of their family.

discovery tour vietnam


A Vietnam get-away could be what you're looking for!

Vietnam is a very large country and internal links are not always very simple. It is precisely for this reason that we offer an organized tour during which you will not have to worry about the “how-to” of the country. The discovery tour in Vietnam will start in Ho Chi Minh City, the old capital. This will be our base for two days, during which we will visit the areas of My Tho and the lost city of Hoi An. In the following days, we will move to Hanoi. From here we will visit the surroundings by bike, boat and other means of transport at our disposal. During this second part of our Vietnam tour, you can visit places like the amazing Sung Sot cave, Titov beach and Halong Bay.

Obviously, the internal flights, the excursions, the nights at the hotel and even 2 days of the cruise with overnight stay, are included in the package of our tour in Vietnam. Once you arrive, you only need to relax. 

Flights are quite frequent from Europe and it will not be difficult to reach the starting point of our tour in Vietnam. Vietnam is located in tropical latitudes, keep it in mind while you prepare your suitcase. The weather will be mainly hot, cooler outside the cities. The rains can come suddenly so remember to bring waterproof clothing with you. If you are interested, learn more at Sharewood!