Camping tour in Brazil

Camping tour inside Roraima park, Brazil

Explore Brazil

Brazil is way more than just the oceanfront

Come to Northern Brazil to discover the protected area of the Roraima natural park, on the border with Venezuela and Guyana and surrounded by the mountain peaks. The imposing presence of Mount Roraima acts as the protagonist among the luxuriant nature. What makes the area even more attractive, are the waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and cliffs.

Embark on a unique adventure and experience Brazil in an alternative way!

For the detailed information please follow the buttons. If you are looking for a quick overview, read on. Your home will be nature on this 11-day itinerating tour where Brazil will show you its wildest side!

camping tour in brazil


A hard journey, for a comfortable camp

Already the first day puts you on the road, whit no time to waste! Participants will be picked up at the airport in Boa Vista and off we go! From here on there’s no stopping for the next week and more.

The itinerary will lead you to though rivers and mountain stream upwards to the Mount Roraima Base Camp. Until this point you have enjoy the comfort of 4x4 transports, but from here on demanding treks will start. After all, the camping tour is not just about building camps, but disassembling too! The trek includes a steep climb up to the summit, to admire the ever stretching landscape.

The mountain region will be explored throughout with such remarkable sites to visit as the Valley of Tears with its molten stone formations or the Roraima peak, where you’ll spend a night and a day with natural pools of water to relax your tired body.

The last evening there will be spent in Santa Elena at a hotel celebrating the successful adventure, and finally sleeping with pillows again. This night will surely make the memory last. If you are intrigued to learn more about Sharewood’s adventures please go on to our dedicated website!