Bormio Italy Ski Resort: Best Hotels Selection

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   Bormio is an atmospheric ancient spa town in the remote northern province of Sondrio in the Lombardy region of Italy. The commune was established as a trading spot between Venice and the Alps. The Bormio Italy ski resort is home to a wide selection of hotels such as:

Hotel Baita Dei Pini

This hotel is an essential component of the Bormio ski resort. It is conveniently located near the main street of the town. Its location allows its tenants to have unrestricted access to the ski lifts. The hotel offers sizeable rooms which can accommodate a large party or family. The hotel offers a memorable stay in the Bormio Italy ski resort as it also grants tourist’s quick access to the Stelvio pass which experiences heavy traffic as it is a viral site. The hotel is well furnished to give a cozy ski resort feeling all year round.

Casa Betty

Casa Betty was built on the Bormio Italy ski resort as a service-oriented hotel. It is located near good restaurants and has well-maintained roads that give people access to the ski area. It is a bit far from the Stelvio pass but all that is compensated by the excellent facilities it offers. Casa Betty offers cyclists tour packages on the Stelvio pass and houses skiing gear for skiers. The casa Betty also offers security features such as a private key card that is unique to each room. These features make casa Betty one of the main attraction to the Bormio Italy ski resort. The hotel offers accommodations at fair prices making it a gem of the resort.

Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi

This is the perfect retreat for relaxing in the Bormio Italy ski resort. It offers a well-equipped SPA. The hotel Bagni is located close to the ski area making it a popular choice for tourists.

Bormio Italy Ski Resort