Bike adventure form Linz to Vienna

Bike adventure from Linz to Vienna – Austria

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Biking along one of the most famous European cycle paths is the perfect plan for an active holiday. Cycling along the track from Linz to Vienna by bike is the ideal way to spend a sporty holiday.

The Linz Vienna cycle path stands out from many others for being particularly scenic. During the whole Linz Vienna holiday by bike, you will see the calm waters of the Danube flowing by your side. Here you can peak into the life of small villages along the river, while you play sports and try traditional delicacies. Another factor that will make your cycling holidays unique is that the Linz Vienna ride is suitable for anyone; the route generally does not present great technical difficulties.

These two characteristics combined make the Linz Vienna track perfect for bike tours. The most experienced will keep fit and do not lose rhythm. The most inexperienced, on the other hand, can try an adventure of around 50 kilometres a day without having to prepare in a special way.

bike adventure from linz to vienna


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The starting point will be the town of Linz. It is a characteristic city, full of cafes and bars where you can spend your lifetime. The second day we will leave for Vienna. We will pass through small towns like Wachau, Grein and Strundengau. Throughout the course, you can combine sports and gastronomy. In particular, between Grein and Strundengau, the vineyard and local wines will be the tested. Once in Vienna, after a visit to the city, we shall turn around.

Taking a bike trip means embarking on an adventure of minimalism. Summer in Austria has a fairly mild climate but could cool off during the evening hours. Remember to pack some heavier garments and something waterproof.

Reaching us to start the adventure on the Linz Vienna track by bike, does not present any logistical complication. Linz is easily accessible by train, car and plane using the Vienna airport. From Italy, you can easily get from any airport in the main Italian cities. If you prefer to arrive by car, you can easily get there by crossing the highways that cross our Alps. Learn more about how to join here, on Sharewood!